After more than a year of bickering and finger-pointing, Shreveport still lacks a park for pooches.

The Shreveport Dog Park Alliance followed the application process required by the city and presented the plan to the mayor and his staff. The plan called for such a park at the Hamel Memorial Park on the riverfront. But the mayor directed the Dog Park Alliance to find funding. They took the plan to the Red River Waterway Commission and secured funding ($280,000) for the park. This is where the entire plan went off the track.

Mayor Cedric Glover does not want to use Waterway Commission money for the park. He says the city has other, higher priorities on the riverfront. So, Mayor Glover held a meeting with the City Council which was also open to the public.

The mayor has proposed Princess Park as an alternative site. He says Princess Park will be "less expensive to build and has easy access for the public."

KEEL News talked with Dan Keele, the Attorney for the Dog Park Alliance to get his take on this latest meeting.