It's kinda like Saturday morning cartoons. Everything is all fun and games and when the anvil falls on your head, no one really gets hurt. Nope, in Saturday morning cartoon land, characters bounce right back and live to be all wild and wacky another day. 'Fake' pot is similar in the way it's packaged... all colorful and shiny in packages with cute cartoon characters. Clearly nothing called the 'White Rabbit' could hurt you... Right? Wrong.

Synthetic pot may not be the 'real' thing, but the results can be deadly. Synthetic pot or synthetic cannabis is best known by the brand names K2 and Spice and is a psychoactive designer drug which mimics the effects of weed. (I haven't done it so I can't report) Either way, the dangers ARE real and proposed ban on the fake pot is up for discussion this week by the Caddo Commission according to reporter Kristi Johnston of the Shreveport Times. (Might I add, we love Kristi as she's behind the investigative reporting regarding Pajamuary!) Either way, if you're getting down with 'fake' pot, you might want to go ahead and quit. Lawmakers across the country are cracking down and they're serious. They're not leaving any loopholes this time either. Makers aren't going to be able to alter just one little ingredient any more to skirt law enforcement... The DEA is involved. Say goodbye to herbal incense.