A Princeton woman admits to taking over $100,000 from her grandmother, but denies that she stole from her.

Alyson Jones is accused of stealing her 84-year-old grandmother's identity and purchasing more than $100,000 in vehicles, computers, and home improvements without her grandmother's knowledge. Her grandmother suffers from dementia and bad eyesight.

Bossier Financial Crimes Task Force found after a four month investigation that Jones had stolen all of her grandmother's finances since 2009.

So how did this ploy unravel?

Turns out the grandmother was moved to Princeton from North Carolina in 2009.  The grandmother moved back to North Carolina in October 2012 to live with another relative.  When that relative was getting the grandmother's finances in order, it was discovered credit cards were opened under the grandmother's name and her savings were depleted.

Jones spent her grandmother's $1,500 monthly Social Security benefit for three years and withdrew funds from her annuity policy.  Detectives say just that alone totaled near $60,000.

What did she buy?  A double-wide trailer, Kia Sedona, Chevrolet Silverado, Harley Davidson motorcycle, computers, etc.

Jones admitted to detectives she took advantage of her grandmother, but she says she did not steal from her.  She was charged with eight counts of money laundering, four counts of identity theft, 11 counts of felony theft, and one county of racketeering.

She is now in the Bossier Maximum Security Facility and booked with a $130,000 bond.