Changes could be on the way for another popular scenic spot in Shreveport. The board of the American Rose Center is set to implement a photography fee at the west Shreveport gardens. This comes on the heels of a photo ban at Norton Art Gallery in Shreveport's South Highlands neighborhood.  New rules at the Rose Center could go into effect later this month. The board is meeting next week to discuss a plan. Professional photographers are no longer allowed at Norton and once a fence goes up, no more photography will be allowed in the gardens. Local professional photographer Amanda Currier comments about the changes at Norton:

"It is sad that the poor actions and lack of respect by fellow photographers have ruined a beautiful setting for those who were mindful enough to follow the rules and guidelines. I am strictly an on-location photographer and that was one of my favorite places to shoot portraits. I feel the Art Gallery has to do What is best for the gardens. Maybe in time, with stricter govern They may be able to use the gardens again for a fee like the Logan Mansion downtown does. I would definitely pay it."

We called the Norton Art Gallery to try to get a comment, but were told they will have no further statement other than what is on their website.