Round two of LEAP testing kicked off this morning. Caddo Schools Assessment Director Rosemary Woodard says the best thing students can do to prepare themselves at this point is to get plenty of rest. And Bossier Schools Testing Coordinator Vicky Lynch says parents can help them out in that aspect.

"Get them to bed early. Try to reduce activities in the evening so that they can relax and be calm," Lynch says. "Eat health, good breakfasts, and discuss testing calmly. Try not to stress the students out."

Woodard says it's expected to be quite an intense week for the kids. Fortunately, they take the test in two parts, which means things won't be quite so tedious.

"They started that about two years ago, because the writing portion of the test has become a little bit more comprehensive," Woodard says. "And there's a writing portion in the English as well as math. So they do that in Phase One." This week, they're working on multiple choice, Science and Social Studies, the rest of English/Language Arts and a portion of math.

Something Bossier started doing last year carries over to this year. "All cell phones and electronic devices were picked up from students and the teachers prior to testing," Lynch says. "And so we're going to continue to do that this year like we did last year."

Woodard says the kids have learned everything they need to for the tests, so the best thing they can do is to be rested and show off what they know. We wish them all the best.