UPDATE: An oil rig worker was injured when he fell on a rig near Mandeville in Miller County, Arkansas.

County emergency officials say the man suffered injuries to his arms and legs when the platform he was on broke.  Equipment on the rig fell on him, although it is unclear how far he fell.

ORIGINAL: Rescue crews from Miller County, Arkansas, and the Texarkana, Arkansas, fire departments are working to get a possibly injured oil worker down from an oil derrick.

Texarkana Fire Chief Bobby Honea told 710 KEEL that the crews have been working the scene since about 10 a.m.

"He's on an oil derrick tower," explained Chief Honea.  "I don't really know how far up he is.  He is on a platform, but I don't know his condition yet."

One of the main reasons they are trying to get him down is to see if he is injured, and if so, how badly he is injured.

The process hasn't been easy for the crews.  Chief Honea says the location doesn't help the situation.

"The area that it's located in, it's off-road.  We couldn't get our equipment in there," Honea described to 710 KEEL.  "That's what's taking so long on it."

The rescue operation is being handled off of Arkansas Highway 196 in Miller County.