J.S. Clark Elementary School is getting a facelift as the home away from home for students who are being consolidated from two schools into one.

West Shreveport Elementary and Central Elementary students will now take up residence at J.S. Clark when school begins Monday.  Principal Ruby Scroggins gave me a tour of the new facilities located off Hearn Avenue Monday and there are some amazing new features that students are going to love.


A brand new auditorium that will serve as a place for musical performances with stadium style seating is one of the new amenities being offered to students in this pre-K through sixth grade school.  There is also a new science lab so students can get hands on instruction to help them learn scientific theories.  And perhaps the biggest and best new feature is that each classroom is wired for the Internet with I-pads also now available to help the students learn.

This is not your father's school. Smart boards replace old fashioned black boards in the classroom. The smell of fresh paint abounds with new restrooms and hallways.

Parents may have been skiddish to begin with about the consolidation of West Shreveport and Central into one school at J.S. Clark, but after they see the improvements, Dr. Scroggins says they'll be believers.

Exciting new programs in a brand new refurbished building is just what the superintendent ordered and students will be pleasantly surprised on the first day of school.