A new flu vaccine out in 2013 protects a larger group of people against four different influenza strains. Louisiana Immunization Director Frank Welch says the quadruple-protection vaccines aren't a new idea, though.

"There are several vaccines that are out on the market already that have what we call four antigens in them, but this one expands our range of who we can give these vaccines to," Dr. Welch says. "Typically, for the past 20, 30 years, there's only been three strains of influenza in each year's vaccine."

Dr. Welch tells us that previous vaccines covered four flu strains, but were restricted to people aged three and up. The new shots can be given to kids as young as six months.

Dr. Welch says there are two types of flu: A and B, with A being the more serious. "That's the one that cause real bad sickness and pandemics and stuff like that," he says. "The other kind is B, but the interesting thing about B is that it's more prevalent in school children. And fortunately, with the addition of this year's vaccine and last year's vaccine, most school children get the nasal spray kind of vaccine that has the four types of influenza in it."

The new vaccine is available in Shreveport-Bossier, but in limited quantities. So it's best that you check with your physician or pediatrician to see if it's available at their offices.