NBA star Dennis Rodman is known for being rather unique.  Whether it is hair styles, accessories, or just speaking out, Rodman definitely tries to make a statement.  But his newest statement involves international politics and a nation that has been known for its isolation and hostility to much of the world.

Rodman made his rounds on network television over the weekend saying that Kim is an "awesome guy" despite all the human rights issues within North Korea.  But Rodman explained to ABC's George Stephanopoulos that Kim is not his grandfather or his father.

The former NBA player says Kim is a big fan of basketball and that would be a great place to start between the North Korean leader and President Obama.

North Korean has long been isolated from most of the world after the Korean War between the North and South Korea, which is still technically in progress.  North Korea has been testing nuclear weapons underground, much to the displeasure of most of the world.  This has led to the continued isolation of the totalitarian nation.

But with Dennis Rodman's trip across the Pacific, does Kim Jong-un have a friend in the outlandish former basketball star?

Do you think Dennis Rodman is right for this effort?