The Clampet family from the hit CMT show My Big Redneck Vacation stopped by to talk with us ahead of their special appearance today (July 19) at the Louisiana Powersports Sportsman's Expo.

What are their favorite vacations? Who are the most interesting people they've met? We got to the bottom of those questions and more in our interview.

How the Clampet family got on TV

'It's funny. I found it on the website 'Louisiana Hunting Forum,'" revealed Aimee. "They were looking for a large Southern family that liked to hunt, drink a little bit and wear camo. I sent in all the information and didn't tell anyone in the family."

Jared added, "They (the producers) came out to the house in Keatchie, Louisiana and they got to see what we really do. When it gets dark, we get down!"

What's the best vacation of all?

Everybody in the family was quick to say that the trip to England was the most impressive. "Some of the incredible things we got to see we'll remember our whole lives," said Doug. "And if it weren't for the show we'd never have gotten to go!"

But Aimee, Jared and the others were quick to add that the trip to The Hamptons was the craziest and most fun.

"I'll never forget the way those those rich people were looking at us," Aimee said. Jared jokingly added: "Me, from Keatchie, playing polo. Never in a million years!"

And the very best moment?

Everybody had different answers, sometimes two or three apiece. But Doug knew his and had no doubts: "Standing on the red carpet next to Toby Keith! That was the best!"

The Clampets hope to get season 4 of their 'Big Redneck Vacation' underway soon. In the meantime, the group is enjoying quiet time at home with the rest of their family and friends.

"It's odd not having the crew and cameras around all the time," Aimee revealed. "I know it's 40 or so people, but you get used to it. And they're all so nice and we miss them.'

You can see and meet the Clampet family at Sportsman's Expo on Friday, July 19.