Not just one meth lab, but several. Agents with the Caddo-Shreveport Narcotics Task Force received tips from citizens about labs in the 5900 block of Jefferson Paige Road and 6300 block of South Lakeshore Drive.

On Jefferson Paige, 30-year-old Raymond Gipson was living in a friend's shed and using the location to produce meth. He was in possession of four clandestine labs, all inside the shed.

And 50-year-old Kelly Johnson was arrested for possessing a clandestine lab after agents found one in the back of her Dodge Ram truck in the driveway on Lakeshore Drive. Items used to manufacture meth were also found in the home's garage.

Agents say all the labs were explosive in nature, but were rendered safe before a Baton Rouge clean-up crew and Caddo Fire District 3 were called in to dispose of the hazardous chemicals. Gipson and Johnson were both booked into Caddo Correctional Center.