More information is now surfacing about what happened at a local fire station that has resulted in the arrests of 3 Shreveport firefighters.


The fire chief is not saying much about what happened inside the fire station at the Fairgrounds. But KEEL news has learned that two mentally challenged men were frequent visitors to the station. Some firefighters on the A-shift are accused of abusing the men. We have learned that the firefighters provided the men with alcohol and watched as one of the men had sex with a woman who was paid to perform sex acts with the mentally challenged man. The men involved are in their mid 40's, but have the minds of children.

Three Shreveport firefighters have been arrested. 37-year-old Billy Glass, 50-year-old Derrick Harris and 26-year-old Clint Richardson are charged with cruelty to the infirm and principal to prostitution.None of the accused firefighters are commenting. Three other firefighters have been placed on leave. Fire Chief Craig Mulford would not give details of the allegations during a news conference this week.


Information about the case KEEL news has obtained from anonymous sources inside the Shreveport Fire Department:

"The Fire Department employees paid prostitutes to have sex with mentally challenged man who had been hanging around the fire station for 25 years."  The 2 mentally challenged men were also the brunt of jokes inside the station. One of them was told to roll over and bark like a dog. In another case, we have learned the men drank urine after being told it was beer. One insider says: "The FBI was called when an informant did not like how the Fire Chief handled the case."  Arrests were made only after the FBI was called in to help with the investigation.