Miss Louisiana Lauren Vizza of Shreveport has stopped in her hometown today, as part of her farewell tour.

She tells KEEL Morning News this is a bittersweet moment for her, as she prepares to hand over the crown to another young lady. She says she's enjoyed her reign.

"This has been an absolutely incredible year," Vizza says. "I've gotten to enjoy every second, every day, every little bit of it. I'm excited that another girl will get to have this opportunity."

Vizza says traveling across the state has kept her quite busy. She says this is a lot more than putting on a dress and a crown and waving at people. "You take a year off from school, because you're traveling as a spokesperson of several different philanthropic organizations, speaking to students about making good life choices, preparing for the competition at Miss America," Vizza says.

She tells us the moments spent with students will be the most important thing she takes away from this experience. Vizza says she's excited about her new adventures, though. She'll be headed back to Louisiana Tech to finish her degree, then it's off to law school.

Listen to KEEL Morning News' complete interview with Vizza here: