Medicaid Planning, simply put, is the evaluation and restructuring of an individual’s income and assets in order to qualify for government benefits according to the rules and regulations that have been adopted on the Federal and State levels. Without expert guidance however, most people will not receive those benefits until most if not all of their assets have been depleted.

Steve and Blake are licensed Medicaid planners, retirement planners and financial planners. They have been helping families for 20 years and have received recognition nationwide for their expertise.

Steven Rainey is a 63-year-old Veteran of the US Marine Corps and the Vietnam War, having served in country during 1965 & 1966. Steve will tell you that for all of his life he has been one to fight for what he believes in and he taught his son to do the same.

Today, along with his son Blake, they are aggressively fighting for the right of senior citizens to obtain the benefits they have paid for and need to help them preserve their life savings and standard of living.

Steve and Blake have worked hard over the past 10 years building a solid reputation not only as experts in their field but also for always doing what is in the best interest of their clients.

“We are extremely pleased and grateful that that many of our clients followed our recommendations because not one of them has lost a penny of their investment dollars due to this market downturn.” – Steve Rainey