A news conference is set for Shreveport officials to provide an overview for water and sewer rate increases. Mayor Cedric Glover will start the meeting at 10 tomorrow (Tuesday) morning in his large conference room at Government Plaza.

Other city officials and project engineers will be on-hand to field questions about the increases that are set to show up on next month's bills.

In addition to water and sewer rates, Mayor Glover will talk about the recently-negotiated Federal Consent Decree and what initial parts of the agreement will immediately impact citizens. A progress report on infrastructure projects funded by the 2011 bond issue will be provided, as well.

"This is our final opportunity to update everyone on the new rates before the bills hit their mailboxes, so this is very important to my administration and the City Council to make sure that people are as well informed as possible," Mayor Glover says.

The City Council in August approved the new rate structure, which took effect October 1st, with water rates rising by 13% and sewer rates by 55%. Those rates will remain fixed until January 1st, 2015, then increase annually until January 2020.

The estimated cost to bring the city's sewer system up to federal standards is around $350-million. If you have any questions, click on Frequently Asked Questions on the City of Shreveport's website.