In case anyone was wondering, Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover did not get weight loss surgery.

Why is was that even a question?

Mayor Glover's office sent a notice out to the local media clarifying to the public he did not get any sort of weight loss surgery.

"I understand that all citizens are legally entitled to privacy when it comes to health-related issues, but I also understand the need for me to continue my campaign of transparency," Mayor Glover explained in the written statement. "Since there are a vocal few who insist on perpetuating this particular concern about my health, in some misguided effort to suggest I’m not healthy enough to perform my duties as Mayor, I want to put these rumors about the gastric bypass to rest. I respect those who have had such procedures but in my case, it simply didn't happen."

The weight loss question stems from the great amount of weight lost by Mayor Glover since his October 3rd fall at an area elementary school.  The mayor had surgery to repair injuries to his legs suffered from the fall.

The statement cites an online column written by an attorney disputing official statements about the mayor's health, which the mayor's office says was declined by The Inquisitor.

An email forwarded to the mayor on Wednesday from The Inquisitor's publisher Danny Lawler stated in response to the column's author, "That crosses the line and is nobody’s business, even if it is true. I think you should be complimentary of that. He looks great and I’m sure he is changed person because of it. Does it really matter how he lost it? Seriously? At least he has done it and we should be proud of him.’’

Of course, this wasn't the end of it.  According to the mayor's office:

Mayor Glover this week also received an email request from KTBS 3 news anchor/reporter Gerry May for an on-camera interview to 'clear up talk around town and online' regarding his leg injuries and purported bariatric surgery. That email request included speculation that Mayor Glover’s fall and subsequent injuries were 'fabricated to cover the bariatric surgery.'

And then there's the politics...

"I largely see this as a distraction to move us away from the critical, important issues that we need to address, such as our need to continue fixing our streets and addressing our other infrastructure needs," Glover wrote in the prepared statement. "There is no conspiracy to uncover about my health and the only deception at work here is by those who suggest they only have the public’s best interest at heart -- and, of course, my good health."

Since the mayor's office brought up the topic, with the help of our acquaintances, did you think the mayor had some sort of weight loss surgery?