No doubt Dutch cyclist Maarten de Jonge considers himself the luckiest man in the world, and with very good reason. The 29-year-old has twice narrowly avoided disastrous plane flights due to last minute travel changes.

In early March de Jonge was was booked on Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, the plane that mysteriously disappeared and has yet to be found. Due to a schedule change, he ended up switching to an earlier flight.

Then last week, Maarten was supposed to take Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, the one that was shot down over Ukraine, killing everyone on board. Almost miraculously, de Jonge again had, at the last minute, changed his departure to a different day.

In a TV interview, de Jonge said that despite his brushes with death, he has no concerns about flying Malaysia Air Lines in the future. "I've been lucky twice, maybe a third time as well."