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WAFB TV is reporting that The president of the LSU Alumni Association, Dr. Charlie Roberts, resigned Wednesday (8-13)  in the thick  of a pending lawsuit related to a sex scandal.

Kay Heath, a former marketing director who worked for Roberts, filed suit against Roberts and the LSU Alumni Association earlier his month. She claims she and Roberts had a sexual relationship while working together. She said when the LSU Alumni Association found out about it, Dr. Roberts told her one of the two of them needed to resign. Heath says he suggested that she quit, get $21,000 in severance pay and he would then pay her $3,200 a month for life in exchange for her silence. But Heath says when those monthly payments suddenly stopped last month, she decided to file suit.

After she filed suit, Heath released a statement saying that Roberts "had multiple sexual encounters with employees during their employment with the association' and that he gave those partners "advantages due to sexual relationships."

Roberts had taken annual leave from his post and LSU initiated an immediate inquiry, in cooperation with the Alumni Association, into the allegations.