↑ Louisiana attracted 24.7 million visitors in 2011.  

↑ Louisiana generated $9.4 billion in spending by domestic and international visitors in 2011. 

↑ More than 5.1 million passengers enplaned at Louisiana airports in 2011. 

More than 18 million hotel room nights sold in Louisiana in 2011.       

↑ Louisiana Welcome Centers greeted more than 1.2 million visitors in 2011.  These visitors could fill the Superdome 17 times. 

↑ More than 176,000 Louisiana workers were directly and indirectly employed in Travel and Tourism in 2010. 

↑ The travel and tourism industry is the 7th largest employer in the state.

1 out of 11 people in Louisiana is directly or indirectly employed by travel and tourism. 

↑ Tax dollars generated from travel and tourism help pay for 3,765 Louisiana public school teachers. 

↑ Top leisure travel activities for Louisiana domestic travelers:

  • Visiting friends/relatives
  • Shopping
  • Casino/gaming
  • Fine dining

 ↑ A leisure overnight visitor in Louisiana spends an average of $624 per trip. 

↑ Each Louisiana household would have to pay $510 more in states taxes without the revenue generated by travel and tourism. 

↑ Increased visitor spending supports all businesses in a local economy, not just tourism   establishments. 

↑ The economic diversity tourism brings serves as insurance in difficult economic times, particularly in communities that rely heavily on one or few industries. 

↑ Tourism creates jobs that are rarely outsourced or relocated to other states. 

↑ Tourism fosters the preservation of local culture and tradition, reaffirming a sense of community identity and pride. 

↑ Unlike most other governmental programs, tourism promotion is clearly a net revenue generator, not a cost to the Louisiana taxpayer. 

↑ Sustained tourism marketing efforts have led to Louisiana’s ability to host large world -class events based on its destination status. 

↑ Tourism also contributes to the overall image of a community, shaping the perception of a destination in the minds of visitors, future residents and potential business owners seeking relocation sites. 

Additional advantages include:

  • Maintain or improve quality of life for residents
  • Improve community image and stimulate civic participation
  • Provide small businesses with entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Increase land values

 Congratulations Louisiana -- things are looking up!