Only one Louisiana university made the top 50 colleges for return on investment.

Louisiana Tech, in Ruston, ended up #48 on the list after the website looked at nearly 7,000 colleges and universities.

"Return on investment, the latest calculated in these rankings, takes a look what the cost of getting a college education is at a particular institution and what the earning potential is for the student when they get out," Tech spokesman Dave Guerin told Louisiana Radio Network.

Many factors go into the ranking and one factor is tuition price.  Tech was the second lowest cost school in the rankings.  Another factor is the actual return from that investment.'s data put the average cost of earning a degree from Tech at just under $70,000 and the average 30-year net return on investment is over $800,000.

"As we continue to maintain a focus on providing those opportunities for our students, we expect that we'll considered one of the premier options in the nation," Guerin said.


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