Colonel Mike Edmonson is the recipient of the 25th Annual Sheriff Buford Pusser National Law Enforcement Award.  

The Louisiana State Police Superintendent was honored Saturday for his leadership in promoting law enforcement partnerships among local, parish/county, state, and federal agencies.  The award is given each year to a deserving officer who has exhibited both heroism and leadership in law enforcement.

The award is named for the late Sheriff Buford Pusser who served the citizens of McNairy County, TN, from 1964 to 1970 and declared all-out war on the criminal element operating on the Tennessee-Mississippi state line.  He also was the principal character in the series of "Walking Tall" movies.  During his career, Sheriff Pusser lost his wife in an assassination attempt on his life in 1967.  He was also stabbed seven times and shot eight times.  Plus, he was forced to kill two people in the line of duty.

Shown with Col. Edmonson in the attached photo is Dwana Pusser who's the daughter of the late sheriff.