A Lafayette Parish man thought a neighboring mobile home was so ugly, he decided to burn it down.

A Duson man is under arrest for allegedly setting a mobile home in his subdivision on fire.  Lafayette Fire Department spokesman Alton Trahan said fire crews responded to a rural home near William Riley's in Duson.

"After the investigation, we were able to determine that Mr. Riley was indeed the suspect who was responsible for setting fire to the vacant mobile home," said Trahan.

Supposedly, Riley indicated he was upset with the appearance of the home which is why he torched it.

"The mobile home had been vacant for at least 6-8 months," explained Trahan.  "The grass was overgrown and unkempt.  It was an eyesore and was not something he enjoyed looking at every day."

Riley is charged with one count of simple arson.

"He did state that he did cut the grass on a few occasions to try to keep it somewhat orderly, although it wasn't his property," added Trahan.