Louisiana is one of the most expensive states for drivers, when it comes to car insurance.

Bankrate.com ranked Louisiana as the second most expensive state for drivers, where car owners spend an average of $2,555 per year to cover the cost of car insurance, repairs and gasoline. That was 15 percent higher than the national average.

Wyoming, where drivers tend to rack up more mileage trekking across the largely rural state, was the only state more expensive than Louisiana. Drivers there spent $2,705 per year on average.

Iowa, where car insurance rates are the lowest in the country, was the least expensive state to drive in, followed by Ohio and Illinois.

Here are the top 5 most expensive cities for car insurance. Two of them are in our state:


5. Baton Rouge, La.

Average annual premium: $3,363.73

Locals endure traffic congestion and roads in disrepair in Louisiana’s capital, the study notes. The average annual premium accounts for 8.6% of the city’s median household income, according to the U.S. Census.

Traffic extends down Interstate 10 heading towards Baton Rouge in anticipation of Isaac in 2012. According to AP, traffic in the greater Baton Rouge area has increased since Hurricane Katrina in 2005.


4. Newark, N.J.

Average annual premium: $3,525.43

In addition to N.J.’s no-fault state law, Newark’s high insurance rates may be a result of its close proximity to New York City, the study says. Newark drivers have an average commute of 31.3 minutes to work, which is higher than the national average of 25.4 minutes. Additionally, Newark drivers deal with the snowy and icy winters of the north.

3. Grand Rapids, Mich.

Average annual premium: $4,042.42

Grand Rapids drivers suffer from Michigan’s no-fault insurance laws and bad weather, which deteriorates roads, says the study. Grand Rapids’ potholes cost motorists $1,027 a year, according to TRIP, a non-profit.

2. New Orleans, La.

Average annual premium: $4,309.61

The average annual cost for car insurance equals about 12% of New Orleans’ median household income, according the census figures. Residents commute 22.8 minutes to work on average, and New Orleans has some of the worst maintained roads in the country, NerdWallet says. Louisiana also has a law that allows drivers to directly sue insurance companies after an accident.


1. Detroit, Mich.

Average annual premium: $10,723.22

Car insurance premiums are the highest in the nation in the Motor City. Drivers in Detroit face high rates because of the city’s high crime rate and Michigan’s no-fault insurance system. Insurance premiums in Detroit are not uniformly high, however, and premiums vary greatly, according to NernWallet. In the Rosedale Park neighborhood, State Farm offers a policy for $25,300 a year, while Hanover offers a policy for a fraction of that price at $4,854.


Insurance companies say the state's courts system allows for more claims to be resolved by an elected judge rather than a jury, leading to more expensive settlements they, in turn, must pay.

Others point to poor driving habits and the state's relatively poor population, which may mean drivers are more inclined to sue or forgo insurance altogether.