The House Criminal Justice Committee says not to a bill that would have made it a crime to intentionally expose children, age ten and under, to firearms that were not locked in a container or equipped with a locking device.

The panel voted 8 to 4 to involuntarily defer House Bill 1189, sponsored by Shreveport Representative Barbara Norton.  If passed and enacted into law, HB 1189 would have required all Louisianans with children in this age group to render firearms inoperable, thereby hindering their immediate use for protection and failing to take into account each family’s own self-defense needs.  It could have also prohibited parents from educating their children about the gun safety in the home or shooting recreationally with their kids on their own property.

In other gun action, the House unanimously approved House Bill 1112 which would create a special prestige NRA license plate.  This NRA-backed bill is now headed to the state Senate.