If you dread making a trip to the OMV to renew your drivers license every four years, relief may be on the way.

Legislation focused on shorter lines at the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles by giving motorists two more years before their driver's licenses expire is headed for final passage in the House.

The House Transportation, Highways and Public Works Committee approved Senate bill Monday (May 12) without objection.

Baton Rouge Senator Dan Claitor says State Police Col. Mike Edmonson testified during a Senate Finance committee that this would help relieve long wait times at OMV offices.

"He suggested that if we extended the time period from four years to six years," Claitor said. "We'd be able to cut the wait significantly. So I filed the bill before he'd left committee."

While it's possible to renew your drivers license online, most people in fact renew their license the old fashioned way: with that dreaded trip to the OMV