Generations of students have learned all about electricity - thanks to a friendly yellow insect. Louie the Lightning Bug will begin making appearances soon at schools all over the region.

It's all part of a program sponsored by SWEPCO, AEP Texas and Public Service of Oklahoma.  SWEPCO's Mike Young says the program is presented by actors from The National Theatre for Children.  "We sponsor their tour of our area schools," he says. "And they teach kids about electricity, primarily, how to be safe around it."

The program targets children somewhere around the 3rd-through-5th-grade levels, but is easy enough for a kindergartner to understand. "The children really respond to the actors," Young says. "They present electricity in such a way, using characters with whom they're familiar. And amazingly enough, the children go home and talk to their parents about electricity safety, and point out some potential safety hazards in their own homes." The program has been such a success in the past that there are more requests coming in than the power company is able to fill every year.

Young tells KEEL News that the company covered most of the Bossier City schools last year, so there are fewer on the list this time around. Here's the schedule for the Fall 2013 Semester:

October 15th - Herndon and Mooringsport Elementary in Shreveport

October 16th - Glen Brook in Minden and Meadowview in Bossier City

October 17th - Blanchard Elementary and North Highlands in Shreveport

October 18th - Pine Grove in Shreveport and Richardson Elementary in Minden

October 21st - Queensborough and First Baptist in Shreveport

October 22nd - St. John Berchman's and Caddo Heights in Shreveport

October 23rd - Christian Center and Westwood Elementary in Shreveport

October 24th - Atkins Technology and Fairfield Magnet in Shreveport

October 25th - J.S. Clark and E.B. Williams in Shreveport