This week is National Crime Victims' Rights Week, honoring victims and advocates.

Caddo Sheriff's Deputy Vickie Johnson says Caddo Parish has a victim reparation program for victims and their families facing hardship.

"It assists them with any out of pocket expenses that may have incurred as a result of the crime," Johnson said.  "It assists them with medical, dental, lost wages, and child support."

And who can benefit from this program?

"A victim of a crime can be an individual hurt in a crime," District Attorney Charles Scott explained.  "Sometimes it can be the family of a victim killed.

"As a victim myself of a burglary, every time you lock the door and unlock a door, you remember that invasion, that violation of your personal space."

The reparations program is meant to help with the hardships connected with crime.  But the district attorney says the victim has to come forward.

"The best effort a victim of a crime can make is to register as a victim so they can be notified by the authorities."

If you are a victim of a crime and would like assistance, please contact the Deputy Vickie Johnson at the Caddo Sheriff's Office by calling 681-0870.