Local writer Benjamin Riggs is also a dog owner. The owner, in fact, of a rescue pit bull named Max. As Riggs says, 'Max is  the sweetest animal I have ever known and I could not imagine anyone treating him inhumanely, let alone forcing him to fight another dog to the death.'

The Michael Vick, now a quarterback with the New York Jets, was, in 2007, convicted of, among other crimes, masterminding an enormous dog fighting enterprise. He was convicted and served eighteen months in a federal penitentiary.

On the 12th of July, the Michael Vick Comedy Explosion Tour will be coming to the Strand Theater and dog owners across the ArkLaTex are already promising to protest the event. But Benjamin Riggs, despite his love for Max, and all animals, will not. He writes:

Michael Vick has served his time and he continues to serve. I do not like what he did, but I do like what he is doing. He works closely with the Humane Society to end dog fighting. I want the public’s awareness of dog fighting and animal cruelty raised, therefore I want to support Vick and the Humane Society’s efforts, not protest them.

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