It's a somber day at Haughton High School, after the news that Football Coach Rodney Guin suffered a heart attack over the weekend. Assistant Principal David Haynie has told 710 KEEL that Guin is in critical but stable condition, and has been flown to Baylor Medical Center in Dallas.

"Rodney's a very integral part of not only our school, but our community, and just to speak to the kind of man he is -- he's a deacon in the local church here, his wife was also an employee here, Mrs. Tracy Guin, his two daughters have gone to school here and graduated from here," he said. "It's a huge blow to the Haughton family."

Haynie says the kids closest to Coach Guin are the ones who are in the school's football program. School officials met with them over the weekend and again today.

"The good thing about Haughton is the coaches that we have here have been together for, most of us, 20 years," Haynie said. "I'm a former coach. Worked with Rodney for many, many years. It's unfortunate to say, but we're gonna carry on. He wouldn't want it any other way."

But he said they will do it with a heavy heart right now, hoping that Guin will return. What can the community do to help?

"Of course, the best thing anybody can do for him and his family is pray," said Haynie. "There are so many things that are going on. We've had people volunteer to mow their yard, clean their house. People have organized getting hotel rooms for them out in Dallas."

Haynie said this just tells you what kind of family the Guins are and how many people want to be there and take care of them.

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