On Thursday, January 26th, a local volunteer from the Northwest Louisiana Chapter of the American Red Cross, Jean Lanier of Bossier City, will head to Birmingham, Alabama to work as a Client Casework Supervisor in the aftermath of Monday’s storms.

The Red Cross in Alabama is taking Emergency Response Vehicles to the affected areas to distribute meals, water and clean up kits to families in need. Volunteers are also continuing to assess the damage to homes throughout the state. So far they have found that more than 500 homes throughout Alabama were affected by the severe weather. Some areas are still inaccessible due to downed power lines and trees in the road. Here are the latest damage assessment numbers for the affected areas:

Homes Destroyed: 235
Homes with Major Damage: 233
Homes with Minor Damage: 44

If you would like to know more about being a local or national disaster volunteer or the programs of the American Red Cross, please call (318) 865-9545.