This past Saturday was the first Gun Appreciation Day in the nation. On at least one gun range in northwest Louisiana, a large number of citizens exercised their constitutional right to bear arms. They could be seen as participating in a family/friend bond-building and educational activity.

Rush Limbaugh noted that race ideologies the present discussion of Second Amendment rights that allows and sanctions this activity could be a cold calculation to roadblock the Constitution built in checks and balances of the government of, for and by the people.

“Sixty-five percent of Americans recognize...that their constitutional right to own a gun was intended to ensure their freedom...a number that's not gonna sit well with the Democrats and the media after all of the attention that guns and the Second Amendment have received, with all of the literally living-in-a-different-world comments from people like Bob Schieffer and Tom Brokaw," said Limbaugh.

“…(he) compared getting rid of the Second Amendment to the Civil Rights Act of 1965. As far as Brokaw's concerned, we're still living in the sixties.”

Rush then asked a question to further sharpen his point: “How in the world do you compare what's happening now post-Sandy Hook and people buying guns and trying to protect and save the Second Amendment?”

Another "ban guns" perspective is drawn with a comment from American journalist and political analyst for Fox News Channel and columnist for The Washington Post, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, Juan Williams:

“I think that race has a lot to do with this conversation. You see Congressman Johnson from Georgia saying, "Hey, look if you look across the South, high membership in the NRA, high amount of gun ownership principally among whites -- and, in fact, mostly Republicans."

Rush’s then went on to offer a rather extensive boyd of evidence as to where the bigotry and racism is "actually" couched and what the entire discussion of "gun violence control" really seeks to accomplish.

He concluded his argument with an idea he has advanced before, yet on a different note: that playing the race card in this discussion of gun rights is an effort to accomplish the elimination of opposition and advance only the agenda of the present administration:

“Every event must give the media that ability to attack Republicans, to attack conservatives. If the story does not have that, the odds are it won't be covered and certainly not extensively," said Limbaugh.