A 60s band from Los Angeles claims - after more than forty years - that the were ripped off by Led Zeppelin. That's the claim in a new court suit by lawyers of California rockers Spirit, who played some dates with the British rock legends in their early days in America.

The tale is not uncommon in the music busines: One band plays a a few riffs that sounds like another song and arguments - sometimes legal ones - ensue. But in this case, the band is Led Zeppelin, and the song is "Stairway to Heaven," the standard of all rock standards.

The similarity of 1971 Page and Plant megahit "Stairway to Heaven" and Spirit's 1968 instrumental "Taurus," has been discussed for decades. Now a lawsuit over the songs' similarities has both sides headed for a court date.

"Taurus" by Spirit is above and Zep's all time smash is below. Listen for yourself and decide!