Police in Lafayette, Louisiana have found the remains of a body they believe is Mickey Shunick, the missing University of Louisiana student who disappeared while riding a bicycle in May.

The body was found at a small cemetery off of Highway 10 just outside of Mamou, Louisiana.

KPEL radio Reporters Nathan Pike and Chris Reed interviewed Corporal Paul Mouton. You can read the interview below:

Corporal Paul Mouton was asked the following questions:

What led police to the scene?

“The Lafayette Police Department received credible information as to the possible whereabouts of Mickey Shunick. The information was confirmed that we did locate a body that had been buried in this particular area. We are in the process of processing that scene and making confirmations that it indeed is Mickey Shunick.”

Can you confirm that a plea deal was arranged between Brandon Scott Lavergne, Mickey’s accused killer, and the Lafayette Parish District Attorney’s Office?

“I can’t confirm that information. I’m basing my information from investigators and what they told me. That is, in fact, that they received credible information and so far everything that that information provided has been confirmed. So far that reason we believe that we’re getting close to identifying that this is Mickey Shunick.”

Has anyone talked to the family?

“All along this investigation we speak with the family and have spoken with them on a regular basis. They are up-to-date as far as the progress of this investigation. Obviously, we tell them information that is close to that of the investigator and not information that we release to the media because this case still needs to go to trial and still has to go before a jury and it’s important that we maintain the integrity of the case.”

Are you confident that the body found is that of Mickey Shunick?

“I feel very confident that the information that we have received has pointed us in the direction of where Mickey is and that in fact we will hopefully be able to confirm tonight or by tomorrow that this is in fact Mickey.”

Shunick was last seen May 19 on surveillance video captured by a camera near the Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government building. A white truck is seen driving behind her in the camera footage. According to Lafayette Police, Brandon Scott Lavergne (pictured left) was driving that truck.

Shunick’s bike was found 7 days later underneath an overpass on Interstate 10 near the Whiskey Bay in a swampy area. Police say the rear tire of the bike appeared to have been hit from behind.

A tip to police led to the search of Lavergne’s trailer in St. Landry Parish, and he was arrested and charged with first degree murder and aggravated kidnapping.


Police say Lavergne drove the truck seen on surveillance video to San Jacinto, Texas, burned it, then reported it truck stolen.

Court documents indicate police had placed a tracking device on Lavergne’s truck and they can place Lavergne near the intersection where the Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government building is located as well as the Whiskey Bay.

Documents filed last Thursday in district court are providing an idea of what kind of evidence prosecutors have against Brandon Scott Lavergne, the man accused of murdering Lisa Pate and missing University of Louisiana at Lafayette student Mickey Shunick.


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