BlackBerry photo by John Lee

I had the distinct pleasure over the weekend of being able to visit the construction site of the Circuit of the Americas.  That's the multi-million dollar Formula One racing facility that's being built southeast of Austin, Texas.  Not only was I able to visit the site -- I was also given a guided tour of the track on a chartered bus (the first bus to ever set wheels on the track) and to get off the bus and actually walk around at turn-one.  This place is fabulous.  Not only will it be a first-class racing facility -- it will actually be a "venue" that will host many other different types of activities during the year.  It will have a 20,000-seat amphitheater for outdoor concerts, a resort hotel, and many other amenities that just boggle the mind.  I was in the Austin area for the Southwest Division, SCCA (Sports Car Club of America,) mid-year planning meeting.  The Austin-based Lone Star Region, SCCA, hosted the meeting and arranged for our tour.  Kudos to Lone Star Region for making this the most memorable SOWDIV meeting I've attended in the past 20 years.  If you'd like to learn more about the Circuit of the Americas, just go to the track's website.   Here are some more photos that I took with my BlackBerry phone while I was there.