Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Bel Edwards’ new TV attack ad accuses Republican opponent David Vitter of answering a prostitute’s call after skipping a vote to honor soldiers killed in the line of duty.

Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat expects the November 21st race to be tight and the Edwards campaign has decided to go on the offensive. "John Bel Edwards worst nightmare is for those white voters to come back home to the Republican Party and so John Bel Edwards is now going negative to stop that from happening.”

Edwards tells KEEL News that Vitter has spent millions of dollars attacking him for weeks and he adds: "the Vitter campaign has not said that this ad is false. I understand they don't like it. But you know what, David Vitter has been the political school yard bully for a long time. He doesn't like playing by the same rules as everybody else."

In 2007, Vitter apologized for a “very serious sin” after his phone records were linked to a Washington DC prostitution ring.