Vice President Biden
Mark Wilson, Getty Images

Recently at the TIME 100 Gala, Vice President Biden made a few comments saying the the terrorist acts that took place at the Boston Marathon basically had no effect on the people in Boston, much less all over the US.

Biden was quoted as saying "If the purpose of terror is to instill fear, you saw none of that in Boston," adding, "The only way terrorism wins is if we change our way of life, if we yield.  And our message to terrorists is: You cannot break us. You cannot change us. We will never yield. We will not be intimidated."

Rush Limbaugh pointed out that Biden seemed to have forgotten about the hours that people in Boston were on lock down. It's not like this was a small town with a low population; it's a large metropolitan area with a population of more than 1 million people.

Rush acknowledged this, saying  "Boston's subways, buses, cabs, even Amtrak service, was halted. They canceled a Bruins game. They canceled a Red Sox game. I saw a lot of lives changed."

No fear, Vice President Biden? Where were you when this happened?