A Baton Rouge judge has again declared Governor Bobby Jindal's teacher tenure and salary reforms unconstitutional.

"From our stand point, there is a lot of relief and gratification," explained Red River United President Jackie Lansdale.  "When this act first passed in 2012, in all of my years in being in public education, I have never seen teachers treated in such a disrespectful manner."

The education reform aimed to help students who were attending poorly performing public schools an opportunity to attend charter or private schools.  It also made changes to teacher tenure, making it more difficult to educators to attain tenure status.

But for Lansdale, the whole reform what just about Jindal's political ambitions.

"He wanted to build his name for himself," stated Lansdale.  Governor Jindal was considered a contender to be former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney's running mate in 2012.  "And we were all being tied to the train tracks for Governor Jindal's political ambitions."

In reaction to the ruling, Governor Jindal said he intends to appeal again.