The three-ring circus that is the Dallas Cowboys is on full display! Reports have surfaced that owner Jerry Jones and nose tackle Jay Ratliff had a "volcanic" confrontation in the Cowboys locker room last week and had to be physically separated.

The report just came out this week, and the incident was said to have happened after the Cowboys victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. Several reports out of the Dallas camp claim that the verbal confrontation was so heated that team personnel had to separate the owner and player.

Jones is known for talking to players in the locker room after games to ask questions and offer encouragement. Jones apparently approached Ratliff and said three words: "We need you." That reportedly prompted Ratliff to stand up and an argument ensued.

The sight of a 70-year-old man and an NFL nose tackle squaring off is not something you see every day. One individual called the confrontation "volcanic."

Ratliff has a history of injuries and has not played since Nov. 18, missing seven games thus far in the season. Ratliff's back-up Jeff Brent is currently facing intoxication and manslaughter charges for his role in Saturday's accident that killed Jerry Brown.

Ratliff is one year into a five-year, $40 million deal. He needs to remember who signs those checks.