A major cable network is in search of an amazing small-town beauty parlor to have its own series. It's looking for a friendly group of talented gals who run the most-popular place in town and who are the focal point of its community. This would be the place to not only go get pretty, but also to unwind, talk about your day, or gossip about the latest news...sort of a real-life version of "Steel Magnolias." Here's how you can nominate your favorite salon or stylist:

Email the casting director (rrcasting@gmail.com) the following information:

1. Your name

2. Phone number

3. Name of the salon/beauty parlor

4. Location of salon/beauty parlor

5. Contact info of salon/beauty parlor

(I can think of a few places in town that would be perfect...but I'll just keep that to myself...haha!)