Saturday is the big day.....the end of the world.....if you believe what some people are saying. Members of a Christian Broadcast Ministry claim May 21st is the day and they are traveling across the country in RV's bringing that message to as many people who will listen. The RV's have recently been spotted in our area.

RV'S traveling the country

They are called "Project Caravan" teams and they are bringing the message about the end of the world to towns all around the country. Sheila Jonas has been on the road since the fall. She fully believes the end is coming on Saturday and she's trying to convince others about the end.

Members of the caravan come from all parts of the country and all walks of life. Among them are an electrician, a TV satellite dish installer, a former chef, an international IT consultant and a man who had worked with the developmentally disabled. They gave away cars, pets, music collections and more to relatives, friends and neighbors. They're wearing sweatshirts and other clothing announcing the "Awesome News," that Judgment Day is coming on May 21. On that day, people who will be saved will be raptured up to heaven. The rest will endure exactly 153 days of death and horror before the world ends on October 21. That message is splashed across their five sleek, vinyl-wrapped RVs, bearing this promise: "The Bible guarantees it!"