Last week I came across an article for a drink called 'bulletproof' coffee, a seemingly odd combination of hot coffee, grass-fed butter and a bevy of other health oriented vitamins and oils.

Then on Friday we interviewed Anna Judd, a California woman currently running from her home state to New York City, averaging 30 to 40 miles a day. Her morning beverage: Bulletproof coffee!

So, your first thought is most likely, how can coffee with butter possibly be healthy? Well, here's what creator Dave Asprey has to say:

'Grass-fed butter is much healthier than other butter.  It doesn’t make cholesterol levels worse, it optimizes them!  Starting your day with grass-fed butter will give you lots of energy and it will give your body healthy fats that it will use to make cell walls and hormones.'

And what about the added ingredients? Well, those can run from coconut oil to a mixture of coconut and palm kernel oil called MCT oil, all supposed to maximize energy and alertness.

Intrigued? Well, to find out more about 'Bulletproof Coffee', JUST CLICK HERE!