Louisiana is giving residents who want to flaunt their heritage and declare they're proud to be Cajun the chance...for a price.

For the low-cost of an extra $5, you can walk out of your next visit to the Louisiana OMV with a shiny new driver's license that includes the phrase "I'm a Cajun" right under your picture. Bonus: that money will go toward funding scholarships to study French.

State Senator Jeff Mills (photo above), who sponsored the legislation, showed off the new license this week.

We have to admit, the "I'm a Cajun" text looks pretty bold. And, when coupled with the "I'm Cajun...and Proud" license plates Louisiana rolled out last year, there's no better way to show off your state pride. Well, sucking the heads of crawfish while driving might top both, but this way is safer.

The next time we're at the OMV to renew our license, we may just give the new license a shot. Now, if only they could figure out a way to make us look better in our driver's license photos.