How did our local public schools rate in computer access for students? The Louisiana Education Department's latest district-by-district Technology Footprint snapshot shows Caddo, Bossier and DeSoto are all technology-ready.

The department says in order to administer the state's upcoming online assessments, each school will need a minimum 7:1 student-to-device ratio. In 2014-15, students in grades 5 through 11 will be testing online, and in 2015-16, grades 3 through 11 will test online. Many districts are aiming for an even lower ratio, which will allow students to benefit from technology during their regular daily instruction.

DeSoto is doing better than the average, with five students for every device. Bossier and Caddo have both achieved the 7:1 ratio of students to devices. Webster Parish, however, hasn't quite reached that goal, but it is making progress. All four school districts are labeled "exceeding" in internet bandwith and network readiness.

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Caddo Parish

Bossier Parish

DeSoto Parish

Webster Parish

CLICK HERE for the complete State Education Department snapshot.