Shreveport fire fighters arrived on the scene of a house fire this morning in the 4100 block of Joe Louis Street. Within two minutes fire fighters found the one-story wood frame house with smoke visible from the windows.

As fire fighters entered the house they extinguish the blaze quickly and were able to confine the fire to the one bedroom.

The home was occupied by two adults.  The house did not have a working smoke detector, but fortunately the occupants were awake at the time  the fire began. They smelled smoke in the house, and both escaped without injury.

The fire was determined to be caused by an overloaded electrical circuit.  An extension cord had a window air conditioner and several other appliances attached to it and could not handle the electrical current.

Fire investigators urge citizens to plug appliances directly into outlets and not use extension cords.  Also, be careful not to plug several appliances into one plug and overload the circuit.  Citizens are also encouraged to have a working smoke detector in their home for early detection of fires.

If  you need a  smoke detector please contact the Shreveport Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau at 673-6740.