Crawfish farmers across South Louisiana are busy harvesting the bugs as we close in on Easter.

The supply of crawfish should be good as we move closer to Easter and warmer weather. We did find a few stores out of crawfish today, but they are expecting trucks to roll in shortly. Crawfish prices are expected to drop even more after Easter weekend. It’s a welcome turn to a season marred by a harsh winter that stunted crawfish growth, limited the catch and made profit forecasts bleak.

In Shreveport-Bossier, the cheapest prices we could find for live crawfish was at Shanes, DuPonts, Crawfish Palace and Crawfish Tyme. The price is 2.99/pound at all four. Going south,the prices for a pound of live crawfish ran from $2 at Db Seafood in Morgan City to $2.49 at Tony’s Seafood in Baton Rouge. So our prices locally are not too much higher.