As many of you know, I'm involved with The Philadelphia Center here in Shreveport as a board member and have been for some years. With that being said, I think you know that I feel HIV/AIDS prevention is a serious need in our community, but unfortunately, the State of Louisiana is currently allocating ZERO, ZIP, NADA state dollars to HIV/AIDS prevention and/or services.

I received this email from Brett Malone, the Executive Director of the Philadelphia Center here in Shreveport. It's alarming to see the lack of support with regards to health in our state. Please read and sign the petition if you feel as I do.

From Brett Malone, Executive Director, The Philadelphia Center, Shreveport, LA:

The State of Louisiana currently allocates ZERO state dollars towards HIV/AIDS prevention or services. With the privatization of our public hospitals, our state matching dollars have dwindled. As a result, the federal dollars for HIV prevention and services will be shrinking.

The latest news is that our state actually had SURPLUS revenue in the past year. Can't we spare a few dollars to help save lives today and tomorrow?

Louisiana is currently in the top 5 states in the US relative to HIV infection rates and AIDS diagnoses. NOT funding proven methods of HIV prevention have resulted in an alarming increase in new HIV infections.

The right thing to do - morally and economically - is to FUND HIV/AIDS PREVENTION & SERVICES in Louisiana.

As our wise elders have said to us many times:

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!"

Please take one brief moment to help us educate our legislators about the needs of the people in our state living with HIV/AIDS… Sign this petition and become part of a grass-roots effort to get the State of Louisiana to fund HIV/AIDS prevention and services… and help us secure the state matching dollars needed to get the federal funds that currently pay for what we DO have in our state…