A long-time Shreveport Fire Department mechanic has been arrested following a hit-and-run wreck that led to gunfire.

It all started at 70th and Southern when a Dodge Challenger reportedly rear-ended a Chevy Suburban and then left the scene. Police say the driver of the Suburban, 50-year-old Phillip Hashieder, followed the Challenger to Southern and Pierremont; got out with a semi-automatic handgun; approached the driver; and then shot out one of his rear tires.

Both vehicles then left, but police were able to track them down. They cited 25-year-old John Peters, the Challenger driver, with hit and run driving. They arrested Hashieder for illegal use of a weapon. Fire Chief Craig Mulford then placed Hashieder, a 17-year Emergency Vehicle Technician, on paid administrative leave.