The Shreveport Fire Department responded to 347 Herndon Street for a reported house fire Tuesday evening at 10:31 pm.  Fire crews from Station Five in Stoner Hill arrived on scene within three minutes to find a two story duplex apartment with fire and smoke coming from the side and rear of the home. 

Crews went in quickly to search the large home and cleared the first floor while extinguishing fire as they moved upstairs.  The upstairs was searched and cleared and crews began working to extinguish the remainder of the fire that had extended into the large separated attic spaces of the home.  Crews were able to get to one attic space and extinguish the fire; however, due to the inability to quickly cut holes in the ceiling to access the other attic spaces, the fire was able to spread quickly and became to dangerous for firefighters to continue an offensive interior attack.  Fire crews were ordered out of the building and retreated to a defensive attack from outside the structure. 

The home had four separate apartments that were occupied by 10 people.  All escaped without injury.  The two-story home was a complete loss.  Fire investigators have determined that this fire is suspicious in nature and the investigation is continuing into how the fire actually started.

Hear our interview with Shreveport Fire Department Chief Safety Officer Scott Wolverton, which aired on KEEL Morning news, below.