Our children are our most valueable resource and the Downtown Rotary Club of Shreveport recognizes that by hosting a conference to inspire today's students to become tomorrow's leaders.

It's called the Inspire One Project and it gets underway this Saturday from 8 am until about 3:30 pm at the Shreveport Convention Center.
Rotarian Gard Wade says some 200 to 250 seniors and juniors will converge to hear from the city's brightest and best leaders.
There will be plenty of delicious food and prizes will be given away, like I-Pads among others, according to Chief Bryan Johnson with Shreveport Fire.
If you'd like your teen to take part in this Saturday's Inspire One Project, it's not too late. Registration is being held at 7:30 at the Shreveport Convention Center. You could also send an email to register at Shreveport.Inspire1@Yahoo.com.
A plethora of speakers will engage students at Saturday's conference, including Academy Award-winning movie producer Brandon Oldenburg of Moonbot Studios, Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator, Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover, cardiologist Dr. Phillip Rozeman, Shreveport businesswoman Linda Biernacki, and others.