We're all looking for a way to spruce up our homes for the Fourth of July Weekend and often times we turn to design "experts" like HGTV for some ideas.  But not all of them are good.

When you think America, you think the American flag.  When HGTV thought America, they thought American flag as a tablecloth.

Of course, the network has since apologized for their actions, telling Fox News,  “We sincerely apologize and have removed the post from our website. We want to assure our fans that HGTV is proud of the American flag and everything it symbolizes for our people.”

For those who were curious what the U.S. Flag Code is: “The flag should never touch anything beneath it, such as the ground, the floor, water or merchandise.”  The main exception: a coffin.

Can you think of any worse design advice that's ever been given out?  Let us know.

Some thoughts from Twitter on the matter: